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Hey! I'm Mohammad S. Jaber from Jordan. A semi-introvert who used to spend his time learning things. Started 10 years ago, till now, to infinity and beyond. Early curiosity has given me a good opportunity to dive into many disciplines and learn variety of things. Now I enjoy dedicating everything I've learned into building digital products.

Love to work?

I'm an interdisciplinary product developer – I can help building your digital products through the following services:

  • Product Development

    - Planning and shaping up your idea
    - Buildling up the technical stack
  • Back-end Development with Laravel / Node.js

  • Front-end Development

    - Turn UI design into crafted HTML and CSS (Tawilwind is preferred)
    - Fully interactive UI components with Javascript / Vue.js

Love to talk?

Here are some the topics I'm curious about and inrested in. If your circles intersect with mine (or even if not) - it’s a pleasure to talk:

Circles of Interest

  • Writing

    Writing is essential: the abstract act of wording your thinking and its reflection on shaping and generating your thoughts.

  • Mathematics

    As an abstract tool to articulate thoughts and ideas.

  • System Dynamics

    We live in complex interconnected dynamic systems. Everything is affected by multi-variables parameters. I try understand the dynamic behaviour of events through mathematical mental models.

  • Ideas Generation

    A childish wonder: could we have control over the generated ideas? If not, what causes a good idea to spark? I try to "reverse engineer" my own mind in order to understand that.

  • Product Developemnt

    As a matter of profession, where many of the previous interests could be intersected with, and practically applied in. From product ideation, up to actual work process to the production.