First entry: on showing up

December 28, 2019

Since 2019 is winding down, a new habit I’m planning to adapt in 2020 is to make the content I create sharable as much as possible through different channels. I’ve been almost hidden from the web for several years, and this is something I think I’ve regret the most. Not working in public or sharing stuff means that you are not working.

Signaling creates the authenticity that you’re building things over the days.

So, a new type of content I’m planning to publish is a content that doesn’t requrie a lot of effort. Something that could be as easy as writing a tweet. It could be incomplete thoughts, qoutes, ramblings from books and articles, normal journaling, life events, links, intresting stuff… or anything that could be articulated.


Show up. Keep showing up. Somebody successful said: 99% of success is just showing up.

That’s it.