Mind on Fire

May 1, 2020

Genuine curiosity drives me to read something, a little thing. A few minutes later I found myself immersed in research: interesting ideas scattered all over the screen. Me, in total isolation of the surrounded world, connected with pure source of power, the ideas. When I connect with a single idea, a spark in my mind occurs. And suddenly, all the other connected thoughts and ideas started to spark and volatilize. A surreal scene of endless flow of electrochemical signals, and the only you thing you have to do is to capture those thoughts into words.

So I write, and write, and write.

Writing is about discovering the unknowns. This is how I get to generate ideas and connect them togather.

Quoted from Jim Collins’s interview:

“So for six years of working on that research project, I could just go into the cave and work and work and work. And that kind of deep work, you have to go deep into the data, deep into the research, deep into the thinking, the long cycles of reflection, that’s how you get the ideas. And that’s how you do good stuff”